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Pickup available in store or at the curb!
Pickup available in store or at the curb!

Board Games

Fun for the whole family


Collectible Card Games

Be competitive and challenge others

Polyhedral Dice

Dice and Accessories

Everything to make your game stand out and be awesome!



Superhero Chess


Painting Supplies and Miniatures

From paints to miniatures, everything to begin your new hobby

Paint Miniatures


Jigsaw and Hanayama


Role Playing Games

D&D and Pathfinder


GameBoard Merch

Swag to deck out your style



Fun doesn't always need rules

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Sun 11 am - 3 pm

Curbside Pickup

No contact curbside pickup available

Shop Local

By shopping local with The GameBoard, you're keeping money in our community, supporting programming for all ages, and empowering us to continue offering Sheboygan a unique and personal experience.

Join Our Community!

The GameBoard strives to be a "third place" -- a place away from work and home, where you can connect with others and recharge.

Go Beyond Bingo for Brain Health

Research shows that puzzles and games keep the brain sharp for all ages - visit The GameBoard to discover ways to keep your mind fresh while having fun!

Create Family Time

The benefits of games and puzzles go beyond simply reducing screen time. Maintain mental health, support children in developing cognitive health and social skills, and sharpen focus for everyone in the family.